Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Beast of Wolfe's Bay by Erik Evensen

As a reader with a relatively broad spectrum of interests in fiction, I find myself frequently at a loss as to what I want to read next, as the options can be overwhelming.  On the other hand, sometimes I know exactly what I want.  And I wanted monster mayhem.

Erik Evensen’s The Beast of Wolfe’s Bay is set in a small town where a string of strange disappearances appears to have culminated in a murder, and the evidence baffles the local law enforcement.  So they call in two academics, who set out on the trail of what appears to be a bigfoot attack.

The story is very much like many monster movies, where occasional plot holes do exist, but part of the fun is embracing the story wholeheartedly despite them.  Evensen does a wonderful job of laying the plot out for the reader, and making his characters successful enough to carry the story along at a significant clip.  Truly, I found myself flying through this book, and having fun the whole time.

Fans of monster horror fiction, monster movies, or cryptids will have a blast with this.  The Beast of Wolfe’s Bay is fun graphic fiction at its very finest.

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