Wednesday, April 9, 2014

ComiXology Submit Single Issue Reviews #1

As briefly touched upon in an earlier review, I took advantage of ComiXology’s major sale to celebrate the one-year anniversary of ComiXology Submit to explore a large number of the indie comics being released through this platform.  Already Luke Reviews has featured reviews of Afterlife, Inc., Vol. 1: Dying to Tell – Tales from the Afterlife and Allwёn: Soul & Sword, both of which are indie releases published through ComiXology submit.  Along with those and a number of other larger works, ComiXology features many on-going and limited series, and here well take a look at a few of the individual issues that are a part of this program.

The Accelerators #1

There is a lot going on in the first issue of The Accelerators.  We see hints of a devastated future with gladiators from throughout history, time travelers from the past in a race through our present and into the future, and a teenager caught up in the race through time who is displaced and can’t return home.  The Accelerators starts out fast paced, with lots of open ends to keep you interested.  For readers looking for a new science fiction comic, and for fans of gladiatorial combat, this title is one worth checking out.  The Accelerators #1 is written by R.F.I. Porto with art from Gavin P. Smith.

Anathema #1

A nice historical fantasy drama, Anathema follows Mercy, whose lover is burned at the stake as a heretic.  When creatures of the night crash the execution, and a crow seemingly steals the soul of Mercy’s beloved, Mercy makes a dark bargain to stop the dark magician behind it all.  Very well written, with art that fits the mood perfectly, Anathema should be very popular with historical and dark fantasy fans.  Anathema #1 is written by Rachel Deering, with art from Christopher Mooneyham.

Armarauders: The Last Battalion #1

Sometimes, all you want is to see some giant robots beating the holy heck out of some giant aliens, and Armarauders: The Last Battalion #1 provides just that.  Introducing a strong cast of characters and a conflict in progress, Armarauders keeps up the action through the whole book.  While occasionally a couple of the robots of similar design and color may get confused for the reader, all in all this is a very fun read for those looking for their science fiction action fix, and for mecha fans.  Armarauders: The Last Battalion #1 is written by Dan Taylor with art from Don Figueroa.

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