Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Magic: The Gathering, Volume 4: Theros by Jason Ciaramella, Martin Coccolo, and Eric Deschamps

I briefly touched upon my interest in Magic: The Gathering in my review of Cory Herndon’s Guildpact, and I will now return to it.  One of the most recent releases in the game was a set called Theros, featuring vast monsters, epic quests, and active gods, in a setting very much inspired by ancient Greek mythology and culture.

Dack Fayden, whose first major story arc wrapped up in the third volume of the Magic: The Gathering comic series, returns in Magic: The Gathering, Volume 4: Theros.  After stealing an artifact that begins speaking to him, Dack travels to the world of Theros to uncover its secrets, and instead stumbles into a much larger mystery involving a being who is devouring the souls of the people of Theros by turning their spellcasters against them in their sleep.

Written by Jason Ciaramella, with art from Martin Coccolo and Eric Deschamps, Theros is a wonderfully exciting start to what is clearly a much larger adventure.  The comic also does a very nice job of getting the reader immersed in the story without having read the previous three Magic: The Gathering mini-series that featured Dack Fayden.

As a character, Dack is well fleshed out, and lots of fun.  The world of Theros is also presented as vibrant and rich.  All-in-all, Magic: The Gathering, Volume 4: Theros will get your attention, and have you looking for more Magic: The Gathering comics and graphic novels.  This book is perfect for fans of fantasy comics, in particular adventure fantasy.

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