Sunday, April 6, 2014

Anywhere But Here by Edward J. McFadden III

As we discussed a bit in the review of Allwën: Soul & Sword, the rise of ebooks has contributed to a bit of a rebirth of the novella, allowing more to be released and sold without the complications of higher costs and print book demands.  This is particularly evident among some of the smaller presses, willing to take risks on novella lengths tales with low prices.  This is a wonderful thing for short fiction, and Luke Reviews embraces this trend wholeheartedly.  This new openness in publishing allows for the release of books such as Edward J. McFadden III’s novella Anywhere But Here, which should count among the successes of this trend. 

Starting in suburbia, Anywhere But Here features an average family that quickly realizes something strange is going on.  From a baseball that mysteriously disappears, to slight alterations in the seemingly stable, day to day lives of the family, Willie realizes that there is something strange with space in his driveway.  When this anomaly grows and his son is sucked in, Willie follows him, and will stop at nothing to save his family.

Featuring time travel, post-apocalyptic wastelands, and causality cops, Anywhere But Here like a fast paced romp pulled out of the science fiction magazines from the first half of the twentieth century, with an everyman shooting through a blistering adventure to save the day.  Truly, it feels almost like a superscience adventure of old, but with a modern sensibility that keeps it from feeling dated.

Anywhere But Here is an unapologetically fun adventure, and the perfect length to sit down and read in a full afternoon.  This novella will have you looking for more from McFadden.

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