Thursday, May 15, 2014

Dumbing of Age, Volume 1: This Campus is a Friggin' Escher Print by David Willis

Webcomics have an appeal all their own.  Like the comics in newspapers, they pop up every day, but with the plethora of options, readers can personalize their daily webcomic reading, whether they are looking for the offbeat humor of XKCD of the science fiction action of Fighting Stranger.  Very specific niche markets can be reached through the power of webcomics, as well, such as the wonderful Dork Tower.  And sometimes, people want to fall in love with a cast of characters as they go through the brand new experience of moving away from home and starting at college, and for that they go to Dumbing of Age.

Dumbing of Age, Volume 1: This Campus is a Friggin’ Escher Print is a collection of all of the Dumbing of Age strips run during the webcomic’s first year of existence.  Introducing the characters, the story moves forward as the characters grow in friendships and relationships, learn about college, and grow up together.  You are quickly drawn into the story by both the humor and the well-rounded characters.  You can come for the laughs, and stay to find out how everything works out for this new group of friends.

The collected edition includes some commentary and other bonuses that make this both a nice collection for followers of the webcomic and new readers alike.  Dumbing of Age, Volume 1: This Campus is a Friggin’ Escher Print is a condensed collection of humor and relatable characters that readers will love and find themselves drawn back to time and time again.

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