Monday, May 12, 2014

ComiXology Submit Single Issue Reviews #3

The Dead #1

When Sam dies, he is surprised to wake up in a room in what appears to be a giant house, which he soon discovers is a far from safe place to be.  Written by James Maddox with art from Jen Hickman, The Dead presents a very interesting view of the afterlife, reminiscent of Guy Adams’ The World House that was reviewed here a few years ago.  This is a fun book with a great setting, and is well worth checking out for fans who like a little surreal in their comics.

Department O, Vol. 1: The Body Politic #1

Department O is a secret agency set-up to protect England from supernatural and occult threats.  While the idea of a supernatural secret agency isn’t one that is new, the story written by Jamie Gambell is fun, with plenty of mystery, and the quirky art from Andrew MacLean fits well and gives the story a great feel.  Fans of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen should find much to enjoy here.

Diskordia #1

Jackal Black is a young man trying to find the quickest path through life, when he falls through the cracks of reality and enters a whole new plane of existence and meets a girl with an octopus on her head.  The story only gets stranger from there.  Andrew Blackman writes and illustrates Diskordia, which proves to be one of the weirder comics out there, but is oddly fascinating.  Definitely not for younger readers, those of you on the lookout for something very different from the usual comic fare should give Diskordia a look.

Doc Unknown #1

Look for pulp action with a twist of the weird?  Then pick up Doc Unknown.  Written by Fabian Rangel, Jr., with art from Ryan Cody, the first issue, Doc has to stop a snake mob boss from stealing a priceless treasure at the museum, which precipitates a much larger adventure ahead.  All the fun with none of the seriousness, Doc Unknown is a great read if you want to avoid the heavy, moody, darker side of comics.

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