Friday, May 9, 2014

Batman: Battle for the Cowl by Tony S. Daniel

After Batman dies, who will take up the mantle?  Following the events of Batman: R.I.P. and Final Crisis, Gotham City’s crime element is growing without the presence of the Dark Knight.  Dick Grayson, current Nightwing and former Robin, seems to be the obvious choice to everyone, but he is unwilling to take on the roll.  As he struggles with this, someone else takes on the role of Batman, and begins killing criminals.  Nightwing and Robin have to find out who this new threat is and stop him.

Most people won’t be too surprised with how Batman: Battle for the Cowl plays out, and the ending certainly isn’t a shocker, but Tony S. Daniel presents a wonderfully entertaining story that will keep readers moving along.  This story is pretty mired in continuity going back a ways, so new readers won’t find this the most accessible, but for readers who have been making their way through the Batman titles for a while will find a lot to enjoy here.

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