Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Next Ten

I used to run a series of posts entitled “A Hint of What’s to Come.” It just gave a look at the upcoming books. Despite being a nice look ahead, I went a little overboard, made huge lists that were impossible to keep my interests stuck to, and with the last one didn’t even come close to keeping it up. So, with a new idea comes a new title. “The Next Ten” will give you glimpses into what ten books I’m looking at reading next. It isn’t to say that there won’t be a few things in between these ten books, because small things come up, but Luke Reviews promises to get to these books in the very near future, only interrupting the order long enough to review an exciting book that just couldn’t wait, before resuming the flow. Here are Luke Reviews’ Next Ten (Title by Author (date of publication of edition read/publisher of edition read):

Flight by Sherman Alexie (2007/Black Cat)

Sons of Dorn by Chris Roberson (2010/Black Library)

The Coming Race by Edward Bulwer-Lytton (2002/Broadview Press)

Rynn’s World by Steve Parker (2010/Black Library)

Explorer X – Alpha by L. M. Preston (2010/Phenomenal One Press)

Snow Angels by James Thompson (2010/Putnam)

Molly Fyde and the Land of Light by Hugh Howey (2010/Broad Reach Publishing)

Gran’s Secret by Trevis Powell (2010/BlackWyrm)

Death & Dishonour edited by Alex Davis, Nick Kyme, and Lindsey Priestley (2010/Black Library)

Call to Arms by Mitchel Scanlon (2010/Black Library)

These are the Next Ten at Luke Reviews, but as said above, smaller projects will get slipped in between. Look for reviews of “Raven’s Flight,” the new Black Library audio drama by Gav Thorpe, as well as some classic Marvel cosmic action!

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