Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mystery of the Maya by R. A. Montgomery

Growing up, I read a number of books.  While the volume was great, and memory of many of them has long since flown from my mind, the joy of Choose Your Own Adventure books and the fun afternoons they gave me hasn't dissipated.  Having grown up since then, all of the many interactive books they published have since disappeared from my shelves, until very recently.  It was with a bit of excitement that I heard that there was a re-release of some of the original books, yet I didn't pursue them.  However, when I was recently at a small bookstore while on vacation, I found a couple and all of the old excitement returned.  I had to pick up a couple.  The first of these that were read was Mystery of the Maya by R. A. Montgomery.

In this Choose Your Own Adventure, your friend Tom has disappeared after a recent trip to Mexico, studying the mystery of the disappearance of the Maya.  Worried, you travel down to Mexico to find Tom, with the help of his guide, Manuel.  As the choices add up, you can meet Dr. Lopez, who will offer you a very special potion, or you might even encounter the UFOs that our 2012-engrossed world is expecting.  Adventure, magic, conspiracy theories, and violence infuse the time-traveling, revolution starting tale.

While this may not be a massively engrossing tale, and it certainly will only lead to a couple hours of entertainment, it is a solid nostalgia trip, ad a lot of fun.  I read through them with my girlfriend, deciding together on choices and using them as a type of game.  This is a fun book for trips, and perfect for young adults.  Repetitive and full of holes, so don't seek great fiction, but some non-thinking fun.


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