Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Brief Note For the Next Week Or So

I'm currently out of town, helping my girlfriend move.  What does this mean?  For Luke, plenty of labor and moving of boxes.  For the reader?  Luke may be slightly slower on putting up posts, as he is very busy with a lot of other things at the moment, has very little time to read, and his access to the internet is uncommon at best.  So, please be patient for the next couple of days, as I am working with that crazy little thing known as life.  I really appreciate it.   

And I'm not stopping!  Since I've been gone, I have still gotten up reviews of 30 Days of Night and Mystery of the Maya, as well as an interview with Kaaron Warren.  I hope you enjoy them, and don't go away!  There are a number of exciting things on the horizon!  Keep your eyes peeled for the review of False Gods by Graham McNeill in the next day or two!

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