Friday, May 28, 2010

Nova, Volume 2: Knowhere by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning

After the explosive start to the Nova collection, Nova, Volume 1, I dove right into the second half, previously published as Nova, Volume 2: Knowhere, containing issues 8-12 and the first annual. After the wrap up of Nova, Volume 1: Annihilation—Conquest, we dive immediately back into the story.

Trying to escape from the villainous alien race Phalanx, Nova goes too far and reaches the very edges of the universe, and among time storms and faults in the fabric of space, he finds Knowhere, an interdimensional meeting grounds between hosts of alien species, and now the site of an almost haunted house-like tale of darkness and the undead. Along with Cosmo, the talking dog, Nova has to stop the evil, or face the end of the universe. However, pursuers are right on Nova’s tail, and between travelling across the universe and fighting the infection ravaging his body, he barely makes it to the home planet of the species that created the Phalanx, in the hopes of finding a cure and a way to stop them.

Abnett and Lanning continue to create a very exciting and entertaining ongoing series that both fills in the gaps between Marvel’s first two new cosmic epics, Annihilation and Annihilation: Conquest, but also leads right into the second event, playing pivotal roles in the outcome. This volume ends with Nova’s events right up to the climax and conclusion of Annihilation: Conquest, making it a solid lead in to the second saga. Each of the stories presented here work on their own, while tying into the main story arc that builds from the first volume and on through the second. Nova continues to be a well developed and engaging character, and the settings are outlandish yet well-fleshed out. The plot is wonderfully inventive, throwing out problems from every direction and giving Nova a story in the universe-wide struggle to come. Another solid addition to Marvel’s new efforts in their cosmic universe.


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