Tuesday, April 20, 2010


It seems like not too long ago that Luke Reviews hit its 100th post, but here we are again, with another hundred posts done. I really appreciate how this has been running along, gathering more and more speed. I’m picking up new publishers and keeping with old ones, and looking at even more books than ever. As always, thank you to the publishers and authors who trust me enough to send me copies of their works to be reviewed, and to all of the readers who keep coming back. I hope that some of you have found something on here that you didn’t know about or never would have picked up, and ended up giving it a try and loving it. Let me know what can be done to make Luke Reviews even better than before. My email is to the side, and don’t be afraid to use it! I hope you stick around, because there are some really exciting things on the horizon. Come on back, and tell a friend!

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