Monday, February 22, 2010

Molly Fyde and the Land of Light by Hugh Howey

NOTE: Molly Fyde and the Land of Light was a free review copy provided to Luke Reviews by Hugh Howey.

The Top 15 Books of 2009 here at Luke Reviews included Hugh Howey’s entertaining first novel, Molly Fyde and the Parsona Rescue. It was a very fun tale, and I was much anticipating the sequel. This feeling increased when I saw that Luke Reviews was going to be getting its first ever cover blurb on Howey’s second book, Molly Fyde and the Land of Light. I was of course very excited, and couldn’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

After the cliff-hanger ending of Molly Fyde and the Parsona Rescue, we are thrown right back into the story, as Molly tries to piece together the surprise appearance of her mother and the search for her father, all while on the run from the Navy. However, things go awry almost instantly, as the Navy attacks and a crew member’s life is in danger. The path leads them to the heart of humanity’s greatest enemy, the planet Drenard, and begins the quest to discover what Molly’s parents are working on, and just who the Bern (from the title of the series, The Bern Saga) are.

After the sweeping adventure of Molly Fyde and the Parsona Rescue, Molly Fyde and the Land of Light is the action epic of the series, with space battles, desert quests, and an explosive escape attempt from a moon overflowing with androids. The close escapes and explosions are provided aplenty. There is very little to find wrong with this novel. It has a different feel than the first, more fast-paced and a bit darker in tone, which suited the story.

The characters continue to work, as well. They don’t stray from their characterization, and their interactions never feel forced or flawed. The aliens are suitably alien, yet still are very relatable. The conclusion is suitably open-ended to facilitate the rest of the series, and far more is left up in the air than last time. With everyone broken into three groups and fighting to reach their goals, the suspense will make it hard for you to wait until the release of Molly Fyde and the Blood of Billions. Give this series a go. It is small press gold.


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